Renewable Heating Technology

Increasing energy bills and the need to reduce carbon emissions are driving the demand for alternative forms of heating to improve energy efficiency. Renewable heating technology in the form of air source heat pumps provide energy efficient hot water generation for both space heating and domestic hot water services for the commercial and residential markets.


Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology provides for energy efficient low carbon hot water services for both commercial and residential properties that rivals traditional heating systems. The heat pump harvests, upgrades and moves heat from one location to another. To achieve this the the vapour compression cycle is used which has the ability to take low temperature renewable heat from the environment and raise it to usable temperatures capable of handling the space and water heating demands required in buildings.

  • Helps achieve renewable energy targets, reduce annual running costs and CO2 emissions
  • Systems form 4kw to 960kw
  • MCS approved systems
  • Reliable hot water and heating all year round


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Renewable heating Applications

Heat pump technology for heating can be used for a wide variety of applications and can be controlled from wall thermostats and devices such as PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphones via a cloud based network so you can control your energy efficient heating from anywhere.

  • Conventional Heating with radiators
  • Alternative heating with underfloor heating
  • Hot water for sinks 7 showers
  • in conjunction with existing boilers or instead of

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